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One Life/ Rockville

July 13, 1:30-4:40pm

Step fully into your body and live it with more passion and power, breaking through barriers and physical restrictions that lead to pain and dis-ease. This 3-hour IPATH® retreat will help you feel totally pampered and recharged, letting go of feeling stiff and immobile. Come shift your perspective as you explore body mapping. Become the master of your inner and outer world, learning to vanquish anxiety, and pain with IPATH® awareness. All senses are called upon with this retreat. We begin with restorative poses, gentle asanas, a sound bath will allow the body to retreat inward with the IPATH® (Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics) sequence. This event will be complete with organic wines and vegan treats that will allow you to walk away refreshed, taller and confident! Space is limited, bood now and let IPATH® show you the way.....

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