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What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a type of alternative therapy that uses yoga techniques and poses to help treat health conditions and injuries. Some key things to know about yoga therapy:

- It takes a holistic approach to health and aims to treat the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Yoga therapy focuses on how physical, mental, and emotional health are interconnected.


- Yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation are used as therapeutic tools to help specific health issues. The poses and practices are customized based on a person's needs and condition.


- Common areas yoga therapy is used for include chronic pain, stress/anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, back issues, and more. It can help relax the body and mind and ease symptoms.


- A yoga therapy session is typically one-on-one with a registered yoga therapist. The therapist will do an evaluation, come up with a tailored yoga plan, and guide the client through practices. 


- Beyond just physical poses, yoga therapy classes may incorporate lifestyle counseling, stress management techniques, and other holistic health strategies.


- The goal is to help clients better manage their condition, reduce pain and discomfort, improve mobility and function, and enhance overall well-being and quality of life. Ongoing yoga therapy practice can provide benefits over time.


So in summary, yoga therapy is a customized type of yoga used as a complementary therapy to treat specific health issues from a holistic health perspective. It aims to treat both the symptoms and client as a whole.


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