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Upcoming Workshops , Courses & Events

January 12, 2019          R&R with IPATH yoga. Let go, to open your heart, body, and mind-2019

                                          2 hr. Rest to Restore with IPATH along with "live" Ocean drum sound bath.

                                          The Center for Movement, Wash., DC (register)



January 20, 2019          Power your Pilates Powerhouse, Bethesda, MD

                                          90 min workshop; Learn to excel and deepen your understanding of Pilates.

                                          Sport & Health, Bethesda (register)

January 25, 2019          Freddy wear Ambassador yoga event, Milano, Italy

                                           Rama Yoga center/ Vip yoga practice (contact)

January 26-27, 2019    200 hr. RYT  Destination Teacher Training, Milan, Italy

                                          Deva Yogamynd Module 4   (contact)

February 15                  Freddywear Ambassador yoga event hosted at Bali Yoga

                                         Milano, Italy

February 16 & 17          200 hr. RYT Destination Teacher Training, Milano, Italy

                                          Deva Yogamynd Module 4

February 23                   IPATH 2 hours restorative workshop,  Washington, DC

                                          1-3pm at Simon Says yoga studio, space fills quickly (register)

February 24                  Webinar: "Are  You Good In Bed"  Learn proper sleeping habits that will

                                         transform your body to wake relaxed and pain-free.  (register)

March 3                         Power your Pilates Powerhouse,  North Bethesda, MD

                                         90 min workshop; Learn to excel and deepen your understanding of Pilates.

                                         Sport & Health, Pike & Rose-Namaste yoga room 

March 9 - 10                  50 Hr. IPATH Teacher Training,  Washington, DC

                                          at The Center for Movement, on-site 8-8pm Sat/Sun  (register)

March 16                       Back/Body Pain Meets Stillness with IPATH restorative yoga Baltimore, MD.

                                         2.5 hr full release IPATH with "Live" sound bath

                                         Baltimore Yoga Village, (register)

March 22                      Freddywear Ambassador yoga event  Bali Yoga Milano, Italy

                                         Mala Flow Vinyasa

March 23-25                200 hr RYT Destination GRADUATION,  Sardinia, Italy

                                         Join in for a full yoga weekend of "we test & you practice" weekend

                                         Deva Yogamynd 3rd 200 RYT matriculation

April 21                        2 hr IPATH workshop- Invite Stillness and Eliminate Back/Body Pain

                                        Pike & Rose Bethesda 


May 25-26                   50 HR. IPATH® Teacher Training hosted at RamaYoga

                                        Milan, Italy  registration opens February 15th

May 25                        IPATH 2-hr workshop, RamaYoga, Milano Italy

                                      Cultivating back/body relief with IPATH yoga

May 27                       IPATH 2-hr workshop, Olis Yoga, Brescia Italy

                                      Learn to release facia and gain mobility and stability

May 28                       IPATH 3-hr Holistic Retreat - Centro Kushi Ling, Lake Garda, Italy

                                     Here is where the Dali Lama has been many times, and we celebrate 

                                     IPATH here in his shadows. Allow nature to take it's course with the body,

                                     as we release and open to the universe.

May 30-June 2            Rimini Wellness Presenter: 4-day yoga event Rimini, Italy

                                        FREDDYWEAR AMBASSADOR Presenter

                                        DEVA YOGAMYND Presenter

                                        IPATH RESTORATIVE YOGA Presenter

June 8                           IPATH 2 hr workshop "Let Go To Transform," Simon Says Yoga, Wash. DC

                                       This Master class will transform not only your body with fascia and alignment-

                                        it is designed to bring complete awareness to mindful ways to end   chronic

                                        back/body pain (space fills quickly)

July 13                          Reclaim your POWER Retreat!  One Life Fitness/ Rockville MD 1:30pm - 4:30pm

                                        Step fully into your body and live it with more passion and power, breaking through                                                barriers and physical restrictions that lead to pain and dis-ease. This 4-hour IPATH® is                                            complete with vegan snacks and foods, beverages and organic wines. 

                                          read more/register


Aug 15                         IPATH 75hr online Module 1 & 2 open! Register now!  


Oct 18, 19, 20            



Oct 26 & 27                 IPATH  20 Hr on-site Module 3 - Pike & Rose Rockville MD  Modules  1 & 2 opened on                                                    Aug 15- in prep for this on-site training. 


Nov-March 2020      200 hr RYT Destination Training Milano, Italy Heading to my second home to lead this                                          training Enrollment begins June 15th, 2019

Dec 6 -9                       Personal Winter Retreat/ a time for transforming- Lake Garda, Italy

                                       Join me in Italy! Looking for more than a yoga retreat? Connecting your yoga with raw                                           nature, relaxation, culture, and adventure in the stunning mountains, lake  read more 





Nov 5                   Decompress To Balance - cec workshop for healthcare pros/bodyworkers/healers


Yoga Festival Milano - Honored to be presenting IPATH yoga and Mala Flow. I'll be offering a show discount for the IPATH 75 hr teacher training preparing for Module 3 at Ramayoga in Milan Jan 11&12, 2020.

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Time & Location

Nov 05, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

In Studio and Online

About the Event

Join IPATH founder Denese Cavanaugh as she guides you through easily accessible methods that weave mindfulness approaches, cutting-edge skeletal alignment sequences, and breathwork. Based on Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics, you learn

  • How to channel energy to relax the nervous system

  • Therapeutic focus, moving awareness from head to heart

  • Inquiry to begin to talk and listen from the awakened heart-mind

  • Digging past the superficial layer with Myofascial release

  • Skeletal alignment sequences key for balancing Using IPATH Decompression Balls  purchase yours 

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