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Clients & Testimonials

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     "I Aaron Gamble, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer have experienced the immense postural benefits of taking Denese's IPATH class. Denese understands more than yoga and the body. She understands people which allows her to guide her yogis to a harmonious presence internally and externally. I'm convinced that great posture comes from a conscience state of relaxation and intuitive movement which IPATH provides both. I'll keep practicing!"  
- Aaron Gamble

"Denese has transformed my body in ways I couldn't even imagine when I started working with her 18 months ago as part of the recovery from a bad fall. Her grace, gentle but vibrant spirit and individualized and extremely skilled teaching style finally set me on a path to health that I have been struggling to find for decades. I am committed to aging well, and she has helped me make that commitment a reality."


-Helen Brunner, Director

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"I had tried everything to help relieve pain in my back from herniated discs. My friend gave me an IPATH® gift certificate for my birthday and after 3 sessions with Denese, I am now a regular client. I no longer have back pain, and have learned to sleep on my back. I constantly hear her voice-- "chin tuck-pelvic tilt and shoulder blades." She has also helped a few of my family members. We are all more erect and have literally grown more than half and inch in one year! I highly recommend IPATH® for anyone with back and joint pain." 


-Roger Tailsman

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