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2 IPATH®  postural release balls

2 IPATH® postural release balls


The IPATH® release balls come two, in a pack.  The IPATH® release ball is vital for compressions and contractions of movment to help continued myofascial release, muscle memory and will bring awareness to postural trigger points to aid in realigning the bones. Perfect for traveling.  Along with the release balls, you will recieve a video link explaining "how to" use the relase balls safely on your own. The IPATH sleeve®  is important for future trigger point (heavy dense) balls, for "IPATH® spinal cleansing,  which is used for IPATH II release methods.  Expect IPATH® cleansing trigger point balls March 2018.- Enjoy how you restore, release and live a pain free life, with IPATH yoga.

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    Yoga teachers and Healthcare professionals are invited to create an account for Wholesale and Resale at

  • IPATH® balls WHOLESALE (resale)

    The IPATH® method uses IPATH® postural balls - no other ball is recommended. Using other products other than IPATH® balls is not only trademark infridgment and punishalble by law along with loss of certificiation-contraindications and injuries  while using other balls, will not be the responsibility of The IPATH® Method.

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