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IPATH 60 minute video

IPATH 60 minute video


Your own personal IPATH session to use ANYWHERE-ANYTIME The video includes 2 IPATH balls.  This full 60 minute IPATH private session is yours forever! Denese will guide you in the Heart Opener, Halo, Hammock and Soft Bridge poses. As you rest on the blocks, listen to the audio and cues while aligning, correcting and eliminating stiffness and pan. Breath work is included and over time, using this video/audio will correct your posture. You may do the 20 minute heart opener as often as you like and practicing the full hour a few times per week will completely change your body for the best!

Please include your name and address for free shipping for the IPATH® balls under NOTES:

  • The file format is a digital download-

    The 60 minute IPATH® is a YouTube digital download. Open the file and find purchasing instructions such as where we will send your free pair of IPATH® postural balls, along with the link that you may add to any device. Use it forever ANYTIME-ANYWHERE.

    if you have issues with the digital download contact us at

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